Bike fitting2 255
Data: Sat 27 and Sun  28th Febuary 2021
For: Physiotherapists
Teacher: Aaron Dobie, Physiotherapist Giant Off-road Cycling Team, Certified Bike Fitter
Location: Archimedesbaan 2, Nieuwegein The Netherlands
Accreditation:16 punten registers AF en Spo (Netherlands) Keurmerk
Course language: English
Startdatum 27-02-2021
Einddatum 28-02-2021
Sluitingsdatum 26-02-2021
Prijs per persoon € 560,00
manfootball 255
Data: Sat April 10 and Sun April 11 2021
For: Physiotherapists, Sports trainers
Teachers: see details 
Location: Archimedesbaan 2, Nieuwegein The Netherlands
Accreditation: In aanvraag
Language: English   Entrance after course Strength training and Coordination AND Practical course OR Anatomy of Agility
Startdatum 10-04-2021
Einddatum 11-04-2021
Sluitingsdatum 09-04-2021
Prijs per persoon € 600,00